President Obama’s Response to My Letter

March 10, 2010

A little over a month ago I wrote a letter to President Obama.  While I was writing I realized I had much to say, so I started this blog.  I have been blessed with having an experience not shared by the majority of Americans.  I have also been blessed with having friends that share this experience.  In my writing I hope to capture my experience and their voices.  Today, I received a response from President Obama.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Mr. President, I am disappointed.  I poured my heart out and you sent me a form letter!  Is the experience of immigrants in this country today not important enough for you to send at least a short note personally written by you?  But I’m not surprised, since I have not seen you doing much for immigration reform lately.

And you’ve been sending this general response letter to everyone!  Genie Z., long-time DREAM Act advocate and humanitarian, received the same letter.  She was also disappointed.  Not just at the fact you wrote this sweet woman a form letter, but also because your letter made no sense!!

Genie writes:  “In two paragraphs, he shows he does not understand our undocumented situation. In one, he says that “we must require undocumented immigrants who are already here to step out of the shadows and onto a responsible path to earn citizenship by demonstrating sound character, and commitment to America and a strong work ethic.”  There are so many things wrong in that one statement that I am using 3 letters to explain.  First – they step out of the shadows and get deported.  Second, they can no longer demonstrate a strong work ethic, because their jobs of many years are now requiring E-verify.  Third – they have been here demonstrating sound character and commitment to America. They have been doing that for years!”

President, perhaps we need to speak a little louder.  We deserve and demand a personal response.

DREAMers and supporters listen up.  I am calling on you to write the president.  Write every day if you have to.  Share your stories.  We will write President Obama until one of us gets a personal response from him and I will post it on this blog!

Write Write Write, and whatever response you get, form letter or personal response, send it to me.  In order to hear from our President, we have to make him tired of hearing from us!

President Obama, you will to write to us because although our experience is not shared by the majority of Americans today, it is an experience shared by many generations of Americans, an experience that is the heart of our beloved country.


1)  Write the President

2)  Post a comment on this blog telling us you wrote

3)  Wait for a Response

4)  Send me the Response you get


The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

(Please include your e-mail address)


One Response to “President Obama’s Response to My Letter”

  1. I’m getting tired of writing and receiving robo-letters that do not even make sense.
    I have the audacity to write to Michele Obama.
    I thought “from woman to woman; from mother to mother, just step into the reality of the DREAMers and tell me if your instincts won’t move you to fight for them”….and what I get it is also a robo-letter.
    But we do not have choices. We cannot be silenced nor should. This is an historical moment and we are fighting to preserve the soul of the country as a nation of immigrants. We will keep reminding them that they lead by example.

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