Free the DREAM

June 25, 2010

Six years ago an 18-year old skinny brown kid was sitting in Pre-Calculus class writing a letter to himself he would completely forget about.  The letter was mailed back to him five years later.  It lingered in the paper mess located in the top drawer of his uncle’s kitchen.  Some months ago, I finally read it again.

I have not written a blog for months.  My brief moments of inspiration have been interrupted by news, planning meetings, conference calls or work.  Most of the time, however, I just don’t know what to write about.  I have been dabbling in politics for years now, but the last few months have been ridiculous.  The more I’ve tried to make sense of politics the faster I’ve forgotten what really matters.  Sometimes it feels like our current political system is meant to disappoint ideals and breed cynicism.  Politics, the pigsty world of greed and power that leaves do-gooders running home with an ache in their head, a rumble in their tummy and shit on their shoes.  At 11:50pm, after a nice microwave meal and a couple glasses of wine, I have found something to write about—or at least something to post.

Today immigrant youth are dying for an opportunity—in some cases, sadly, literally.  Today we talk about a student’s hopes and dreams, their right to an education but somehow those notions are not concrete enough to be valid.  Education?  Justice?  What is that?  Rights we’re taken away as outdated, undeserved and inconvenient.  And what are we supposed to tell the little girl who wants to be a puppy doctor?  What do we tell the boy who wants to fly?  Get out of town, just go.  Catch a ride somewhere you don’t know.  Cause god isn’t where the cactus grows, the mighty rivers here just don’t flow.

We’re losing a generation of humanity eager to make this world just a little better.  Losing it to bitter kindergarten politics.  I grew up with idealists, with dreamers.  My teachers were unafraid.  We grew up learning about the American Dream, vague enough for us to make of it what we wanted.  It’s difficult to realize that I haven’t met all the goals I set out for myself, but I’m very fortunate to have gotten where I am.  But I, we, can give more.  Free the DREAM.

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5 Responses to “Free the DREAM”

  1. Viri said

    Well, I can tell you this;
    “In the very few weeks that I have known you, I have been inspired by you. Not only for the leader you are but also for the person you are. And I know that you will be remembered. Not only by me but by the hundreds of people who have heard you speak. Speak of a better world, of opportunities and most importantly, of hope.”
    PS. Bruintown ROX!!!

  2. Marco said

    You are really lucky to be where you are. For me, luck is where hard work meets opportunity and I think you have made the most of your luck. You’ve come a long way to be recognized as a youth leader with a great spirit to move forward.

    Keep the DREAM Alive

  3. Silvia said

    Close your eyes and Dream is what we always do…
    I am glad to see that some like you are Dreaming but with your eyes open, fully acknowledging the truth of the situation, and keeping your eyes set on the bigger picture. Daniel you will complete your three goals and more, I know this. We must keep working like slaves (nothing new) for the Freedom of the Dreams we process.
    Free the Dreams, y siempre… Hasta la victoria!
    Love you

  4. Ilis said

    Eres una inspiracion para la nueva generacion Danny. Tu has cumplido tus metas y lograras muchisimo mas. Creemos en ti 🙂 Gracias por seguir escribiendo, ya extraniaba el leer tu blog.

  5. Anynomous said

    Danny, you are an amazing youth leader. You inspire me to better. Keep on fighting Danny, you are not alone. The DREAM Act is not a legislation crafted by senators, it is a way of life.

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