Spirits: Miguel

June 28, 2010


Below is the story of an educated and compassionate DREAMer.  It is part of the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition’s “Spirits” campaign.  Aside from the hard work that DREAMers demonstrate there is also a story.  There is a story of a little kid that wants to be accepted, of a student that wants to contribute his intelligence to better this world, of a daughter that wants to help her family live a better life.  Above the work, the struggle and perseverance there is the Spirit.  Free the DREAM.

Spirit: Miguel

Miguel first shared his story with a group of us from the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition.  Miguel conveys emotion, vulnerability, and resilience when he shares his story.  Miguel, as long as you have hope, dreams, and friends you will never be alone!


2 Responses to “Spirits: Miguel”

  1. Erika said

    Great Video! This is exactly what we need so we are not seen as mere numbers, but rather show our SPIRITS! So those that think we are criminal can give it a second thought

  2. Matthew Veron said

    Whoa Miguel is a resilent person. He has faced so much adversity, yet still continues to fight. Many have given up under the pressure. Keep fighting Miguel and those DREAMers, your spirit will not be corrupted. Justice always triumphs.

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