On July 16th members of the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition will head to Washington D.C.  We will join thousands of students on the steps of Capitol Hill, demanding that Congress and the White House move on the DREAM Act as the first step towards Immigration Reform.

We head to Washington D.C. not with the Arpaio state of mind, but with the state of mind to move this movement forward.  There cannot be freedom in fear, but we know we are not free to choose the consequences of our actions.  There is, however, no change here.  So Washington D.C. it is.  Do not ask us to sit down, but instead have the courage to Stand Up with us.

We cannot lower our heads at the possibility of failure, we cannot howl any excuse.  For many of us this is a time to exhale, not a dead avail of pursued truth.  We have marched in Phoenix, rallied in Nevada, but there is a great gulf in this world between Washington D.C. and the desert that we live in.  We will take this fight to Washington.

Thousands of DREAM students are graduating from high schools and colleges throughout the nation.  They will join a group that continues to see more and more doors closed.  This year, hundreds of students in Arizona, particularly in Arizona State University, will lose their scholarships funded by private sources.

They will face a world that isn’t fair; they may lose hope and say “I just don’t care.”  But we have our youth and we have our health.  There is no reason to wonder in the blues, we fight so that the DREAM will finally get through.

Our families have seen things that might break you, rattle and make you, wonder why the heck this is called the land of opportunity, the land of the free and the home of the brave.  It is us.  Is the vision that we paint, the question that we pose, of the Nation that we are and the nation that we could be.

Our minds have felt beat and sore, but our soul keeps commanding it off the floor and says keep marching on, keep dreaming, keep demanding a chance for more, keep sailing these storms for shore.

The DREAM is coming to Washington D.C.  Please make a donation to the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition by clicking HERE.