“Granting citizenship to individuals who broke the law will undermine American Values.” “The Law is the Law, and you illegal’s broke the law.” “I personally feel for the undocumented students, but the culprits of your situation are your parents, take it up with them.” This has been the conservative rhetoric over the past years regarding immigrants and the DREAM Act. On November 01, 2010 the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition (ADAC) organized a town hall where Conservatives, Liberals, Progressives and Libertarians across the state united on the Tempe Campus of Arizona State University.

There are many misconceptions of what the DREAM Act will provide to undocumented youth if enacted.  The mission of the town hall series is to clarify the fallacies. The passage of the DREAM Act is of too great importance for misunderstandings to be held back in Congress another year.  The ADAC believes that to reach out to the conservative is necessary to come to an understanding.  Conservatives value education and military service; as do dreamers across the nation.