DREAM Act Students Confront Russell Pearce

November 2, 2010

“Illegal is illegal, why can’t you understand that,” Arizona Senate Majority Leader Russell Pearce. “Mr. Pearce how can you blame the sins of our fathers on us,” Daniela Cruz, ADAC member. As projected the GOP enjoyed a great victory in the 2010 midterm elections, gaining 60 House seats, from 189 to 239, as well as 5 Senate seats, taking the grand total from 41 to 46.

ADAC reached out to the conservative base during the midterm elections. “We believe the DREAM Act is a bipartisan bill, hence we attempt to garner support from the GOP,” David Guerrero. After Governor Jan Brewer completed her acceptance speech during the Republican Victory Celebration, ADAC members were able to speak to Russell Pearce behind the scenes. “You seem like a nice girl, I just want to stop all the criminals from entering the country,” Arizona Senator Pearce, regarding Daniela Cruz.  Russell Pearce was irate at the DREAMers that confronted him on immigration issues, specifically his role in passing Prop 300, which denied DREAMers public scholarships and in-state tuition.  The video confrontation has become a Youtube hit.


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